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Your Summer Wellness Guide

Summertime… Can’t you feel the warm breeze, abundant sunshine and lazy days in a hammock? 

summer wellness - watermelons and sunshine

Let’s be real for a minute though, between traveling to see family and friends, the longer days with jam-packed activities, the pile of dishes and projects to complete over the summer, you might be left feeling less than relaxed, creative or content.

Just because summer is sunshine and shift dresses, it doesn’t mean life slows down altogether. Here are a few key essentials to help you keep it made in the shade:

1. Natural Organic Sunscreensummer sun wellness
The list of harmful ingredients in skincare lines seems to keep growing, but your skin’s UV protection shouldn’t have to suffer by avoiding sunscreen. Be sure to be kind to your dermal cells, and prep them each day with a natural sunscreen. Your skin will thank you, now and well into the future. (Tip: If you’re not already familiar with it, head on over the the EWG’s SkinDeep database. They have tons of research and data sharing the healthiest choices in personal care!)

My personal pick: Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen, Green Tea SPF 45, 4 Ounce

2. “Me” Time

It is ok to say “no” to obligations, events or anything that makes you feel unbalanced. If you have too much on your plate, “no” seems so hard to say when you could just “work another chore in” or stay up a little later to plan that party for a friend. But, if you run yourself ragged trying to juggle it all, you won’t have anything left to give anyone, including yourself. Jessica Turner’s book “The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You” is such a good read if you need some guidance in this area – I’ve been reading it for a while (actually, listening on Audible , and its really helpful.

 3. Exercise

If you don’t have a gym to go to, and the great outdoors were where you found yourself running, jogging or cycling, the stifling heat of the summer may make that seem impossible. Consider coming inside and trying something a little gentler, like yoga or pilates. Though you can do it inside, these types of exercise are a great workout and incredibly good for your body and your mind.

4. Creativity Challenge

If you feel stuck creatively, in your head, in your plans, in your life, sometimes you’ve got to find a way to work that out. For me, I get ideas for different things I’d like to create, trips I want to plan or recipes to make, completely out of the blue. If you keep a notepad with you, or install an app like OneNote or Evernote onto your phone, you’ll never be without the ability to jot those inspirational moments down. Be mindful of whats happening around you, you never know where your next big idea will come from.

5. All The Green Juicegreen juice

I’m not on the “juice cleanse” train, and I don’t necessarily think that juice fasting is great for your body (though there are some who swear by it), BUT if you can incorporate just one green smoothie or juice into your routine a day, you’ll be getting a much needed replenishment of vitamins and antioxidants your body needs. Drink up, it’s worth it! Plus, if you blend it just right, you’ll never taste the kale or spinach.

Try this:

Blend together 6 oz plain greek yogurt, half a cup frozen blueberries, a handful of kale and a quarter cup frozen mango.

(It’s delicious, I promise!)

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