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Curated: My Favorite Podcasts for Creatives

tOP THREE podcasts for creatives

I’m a big fan of listening to podcasts on my way to work in the morning. Both from a personal development standpoint and a creative outlook, I’ve found a couple of podcasts that I completely rely on and are my go-tos. Rather than give a lengthy list of some I dabble in, here I want to recommend those that I love and can’t imagine not listening to!

  1. Optimal Living Daily – If you’re like me, you can easily get sucked into reading personal development or motivational posts one after the other (think Zen Habits, The Minimalists, Marc + Angel…). Instead of falling down that rabbit hole, I’ve found this daily podcast to be a great alternative! Justin scours the web for the best personal development articles and reads them to you (with author permission, of course). He keeps them concise (even breaking longer posts into two separate podcasts) so that you can really get the content quickly, and the audible aspect helps it stick and leaves you thinking all day.
  2. Creative Empire – For those in the creative world, looking to make the link to a creative business, this podcast is for you. This show is weekly and does require some time set aside (usually 30-45 minutes) but it’s definitely worth it. Different guests highlight pertinent information to growing a creative business and it’s full of so many useful ideas and helpful resources!
  3. Accidental Creative – I absolutely love this podcast series from Tom Henry. I’ve recently discovered it, so I haven’t gotten too far into the episodes, but I can tell it’s absolutely a winner! It’s full of inspiration, so if you’ve hit a creative roadblock, this podcast is the way to go.

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