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How to Add Gratitude to Your Day (and Why You Should)

Gratitude JournalLately, I’ve been adding a small “daily gratitude” practice to my daily routine. Everyone from scientists, psychologists, nutritionists, and wellness gurus across the web have been singing the praises of having a formal gratitude practice. If the idea of writing down your feelings sounds a little wishy washy, I promise there are so many benefits to a daily gratitude practice, and the scientific data backs it up.

Practice gratitude daily and you could see:

  • Improved sleep. Who doesn’t want a good night’s rest? Stress creates a vicious cycle that tearsgratitude practice you down during the day and keeps you up at night. Fight back with gratitude and reduced worry.
  • Less stress and depression. There are a myriad of ways to cope with the daily stressors of life, and even traumatic events, but the simple act of noting what you’re grateful for can have a profound impact on your overall mood.
  • A more fulfilling life. If you’re taking time to see past your problems, and on to the simple but beautiful joys of life, you’ll soon see the abundance of good things in your life. Gratitude begets gratitude.
  • Happier relationships. Let’s face it, if you’re practicing gratitude, and feeling better overall, you’re going to be a more pleasant spouse, parent, friend and person. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll be better equipped to help others with their own struggles. You can’t serve out of an empty vessel, so be sure to fill your own up.

(Linked data/info from https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/minding-the-body/201701/5-simple-alternatives-keeping-gratitude-diary)

4 Ways To Make It Work for YOU!

  1. If you spend most of your day online, an online gratitude journal might be your best bet. I really enjoy Gratefulness.org for the inspiration they share, the private gratitude journal, and the daily question you and others around the world can thoughtfully answer each day.
  2. If  on-the-go is more your style and you need to be able to jot down your notes of gratitude as you notice them throughout the day, the Gratitude Diary App is a good option for you to add to your cell phone.
  3. Be accountable! If you find you need accountability, and maybe enjoy snapping photos too, Instagram can be a great choice. Create a #GratitudeChallenge to share your gratitude with your followers and encourage them to do the same.
  4. Finally, if you’re old school like me and still love to use pen and paper, a beautiful notebook on your nightstand can remind you to jot down your gratitude list each night before bed. Taking a few moments to thoughtfully reflect on the joys of your day can help ease you into a good night’s sleep and bring sweet dreams, too.
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Try it:

Jot down just three things you’re grateful for today. Extra credit if you start the sentence off with “I’m grateful for the gift of…..” (By recognizing that what we’re thankful for are truly gifts, it increases our appreciation)










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Easy Ways to Add Gratitude to Your Day

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