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Live Wedding Painter: The Next Big Wedding Trend

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October 16, 2018

Who hasn’t been to a wedding with a photo booth, an amusing DJ and delicious food? While great music and yummy food is a critical part of the day, a new trend is emerging with regard to wedding entertainment: a live wedding painter!

Not only will your guests get to see a painting of your wedding come to life before their eyes, but the live wedding painting will leave you with a unique heirloom to cherish long after the big day is all said and done.

Rose Hill Wedding - Live Wedding Painter This Creative Nest Ashley Triggiano

The Knot puts it best:

 “Think about it—there are tons of ways to capture memories at your wedding. Besides your photographer and videographer, obviously, you can incorporate photo booths, GoPros, drones, robots, live-streaming, countless social media outlets and even have someone write your love story for you. But let’s take it back to the first way to ever preserve a memory: paintings.” 

A Live Wedding Painting Can Capture the Magic of Your Perfect Day

You could have the moment you say, “I Do” put on paper, in the moment; the atmosphere, the lighting, the very “feeling” that accompanies the ceremony. Alternatively, the reception could be painted with a spotlight on the first dance. As the night progresses, the electricity, fun and celebration all become a part of the live wedding painting.

While there are any number of special moments you may want captured, it’s my privilege to be part of the biggest day of your life as a Live Wedding Painter. I create something that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Rose Hill Wedding - Live Wedding Painter - This Creative Nest Ashley Triggiano

Interested in Live Wedding Painting?

If you’re interested in the idea of a live wedding painting, simply fill out this form and receive a copy of my packages and pricing delivered automatically to your inbox! I would love to work with you to create an heirloom piece of artwork to adorn the walls of your new home and life together.

If you’d like to take a look at some of my previous work, I recently compiled a “2019 Year In Review” with behind the scenes peeks and finished piece examples from each!

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