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Capri, Italy Travel Guide: Top Two Can’t-Miss Sights

Travel + Adventure

May 16, 2019

Capri Italy Travel Guide Artist Watercolor Wanderlust

Ending our honeymoon  in Capri, Italy was definitely the icing on the cake to our southern Italy adventure! I looked through a lot of Capri travel guides before making our itinerary and I’m glad I did, because there are SO many amazing options for accomodations, dining and experiences. So today I’m sharing my top two can’t-miss experiences in Capri along with a painting from my Wanderlust Watercolor series that was inspired by our trip. The collection launches and will be available for purchase on July 3, so if you’d love a piece of artwork to commemorate your trip and decorate your home, be sure to check that out!

Faraglioni Rocks

You’ll want to walk to the very end of Capri through the town, and stay on Via Krupp. After a beautiful stroll, you’ll make it to a long winding trail that goes down to the Faraglioni Rocks for an up close and personal picture. Our first day in Capri, while I wasn’t wearing the best shoes for it, we made it about halfway down this trail before I called it quits. If I’d had on proper walking shoes, and ate something beforehand, we’d probably have been just fine, but that said – wear appropriate hiking/athletic shoes with traction! It’s a dirt trail down a rocky mountain/cliff side – but the views are absolutely worth it.

Hiking to the Faraglioni Rocks

If you have some extra time in your itinerary, be sure to head down to the Da Luigi Beach Club (call ahead and make reservations, seriously!), which was our highlight of Capri. There’s something to be said for being at the rocks up close and personal, as opposed to from a distance. You HAVE to swim here, but keep in mind that there is no beach. It’s a ladder down into the water that’s a pretty steep drop off right off the bat. I had the Hubs grab me a floaty so I didn’t have to tread water or work too hard. That’s what vacations are for, right? Afterward, a boat took us from the Beach Club to Marina Piccolo and the views still didn’t disappoint.

Faraglioni Rocks Da Luigi Beach Club

Mount Salaro, Anacapri –

When you’ve had your fill of swimming, sun bathing and lounging, hop on one of the local SITA buses that crosses the island of Capri, over to its other side, Anacapri. Though Mount Solaro is the highlight (in my opinion) of Anacapri, there are plenty of lovely shops and dining options in the area. We actually ate at Trattoria Pizzeria Al Buco before heading up the mountain, and it was delicious! A relaxed vibe with good food.

The way up to Mount Solaro is via hiking, or, via chairlift. Kudos to you if you decide to hike, but the views from the chairlift are not to be missed! When we got to the top there was a cute little lounge area with snacks and a great place to rest. Your best shots of the Faraglioni Rocks are going to be from the tip top of this mountain, so spend some time making sure you capture it! It’s a once in a lifetime view.

Chairlift Mount Solaro, Anacapri Capri

All of these moments were so special and I couldn’t help but turn them into my own work of art for my Wanderlust Watercolor series. Perfect as a souvenir of your time there, a gift for a loved one, or the perfect piece of southern Italian decor, the collection launches and the Capri print will be available for purchase on July 3, so be sure to check that out!

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