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[FREE] The Ultimate Watercolor Supply Guide: The Best Watercolor Supplies for Every Level!


July 11, 2019

No matter where you are in your watercolor journey, there are a range of tools and watercolor supplies that can help you progress and develop your skills. I’m often asked what the best watercolor supplies are, and which brands I recommend, so I thought I’d pull a watercolor supply guide with supplies for every artist at every level!

The Best Watercolor Supplies for EVERY Experience Level

Whether you’re a beginner just trying to piece together the necessities to get started, an intermediate artist with a solid foundation, or if you’re a seasoned artist looking to make sure you’ve rounded out your supplies, I’ve got you covered with the best watercolor supplies for your stage of the journey!

I’ve Been There

My own artistic journey started when I was overwhelmed with work, super stressed out after graduation, and dealing with a lot of anxiety. I’ve always been a Type-A, results-driven perfectionist, and it was finally taking its toll on me. I remember seeing a watercolor video on Instagram and I was instantly mesmerized and could literally feel my shoulders drop and body relax.

And even though we’d just had a giant snowstorm here in NC (which generally means the whole world stops for at least three days and everyone panics!), I told my husband (then-fiance) that I NEEDED to go to Michaels Craft Store and get some watercolor supplies. And being the amazing person he is (which is obviously why I married him, right?!) he shoveled the car out of the snow, cleared a path for us to get out, and we headed down to the store. Miraculously, one employee was there minding the store, and I walked out feeling determined to get that “mesmerized” feeling back. 

I managed to piece together a few key items that day that got me started on my journey, and often found myself overwhelmed while standing in the craft aisles or browsing Amazon for new paints or brushes. So I WISH I had had this guide back when I was starting, and even after I’d started as I looked to add to my supplies and complete my kit.

Answering the Big Questions

Which brands were legit? What the heck was the difference between cold press and hot press paper? And why do I “have” to use watercolor paper instead of regular paper? What if I want my watercolor to have some opacity to it instead of being totally transparent? What benefit does liquid watercolor have over pans and tubes? And what type of travel palette should I invest in?!

via GIPHY ^ Me, trying to figure out ALL the answers to ALL my questions in the endless Google search rabbit-hole.

And I don’t want that for you! So. all these questions, and more, are answered in my guide! You can grab the guide to the best watercolor supplies (click on the image below) and get it sent straight to your email. I’ll meet you there!

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