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The Secret to Erasing Watercolor Mistakes!


August 8, 2019

The Secret to Erasing Watercolor Mistakes!

*Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link, to a product that I actually use and truly recommend! A portion of sales is sent back to me, but I only endorse products I actually trust. Feel free to try it out if you’d like!

Erasing Watercolor? Not impossible, after all!

I spent the first few years of my watercolor journey having been told that there is no *undo* button for watercolor and no way for erasing watercolor. Sure, I could apply some extra water on top of my mistake, hoping to lift it out with a dry brush or paper towel enough that it would mostly disappear. But, if I let the mistake dry just a bit too long, or if the paint had been pigmented, I was kind of stuck. 

My next option? Try to make it work. Incorporate the mistake somehow in a way that disguised it. 

For me, still not a solid enough answer. So, I took a deep dive into Google (my general go-to for solving all of my problems ha) and found the holy grail. 

And, its kinda weird.

But it works!

So, without further ado – the secret to erasing your watercolor mistakings?

A Mr Clean Magic Eraser!

Go figure, right?! It really is magic! 

You might be thinking “But Ashley, wait! Won’t that damage my paper?!” Wellp, so far in my use, I haven’t found that to be true. 

Test It Out

Now, I do recommend testing it out on your paper; maybe making some test sheets with various marks, leaving them for a minute, an hour, a day and then using the Magic Eraser to gently wipe the mark away, and see what works for you. But, so far with using the Magic Eraser on my go-to Arches Cold Press paper, I haven’t had a single issue. 

Even if I get a drop of paint in an area, and don’t notice it for three days, I can go back later with a little piece of the Magic Eraser torn off the corner, dab at the spot, and away it goes! Pretty great, right?! 

Why It Works

From what I’ve understood, it’s the melanine in the sponge that makes the Magic Eraser truly Magic. I imagine that if you were to really scrub it into your paper, just like with anything else, you might damage or tear the surface layers of the paper. So again, my advice is to gently rub or dab at the spot with the eraser and give it a shot!

See for yourself!

Check out my video below with a demonstration of the Magic Eraser in action – then head here and get a box of your own! 🙂 And, if you haven’t yet, be sure to grab my Complete Watercolor Supply guide full of info just like this, plus weekly tips and tricks for gaining confidence as an artist and turning your favorite hobby into a profitable online side-hustle!

  1. Meari says:

    I learned this trick a couple years ago. It does indeed work. With student grade paper, it does pull up the paper if used to much. Arches, it works great though.

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