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Free 3-Part Watercolor Supply Mini-Masterclass!


August 4, 2019

If you missed last week’s 3-part watercolor supply mini-masterclass, then you missed out on a ton of good content! But don’t worry. I’ve gathered it all here, wrapped it up and tied it up with a bow just for you. From watercolor paint to paper and brushes, I’m covering everything you need to know.

Each post comes complete with information and links to my recommendations.

And if you’re more a video watcher than a blog-reader, there are recordings in each post from the Facebook and Instagram Live sessions I held, too.

But before you dig in, be sure you grab the free supply guide at the bottom of this page with everything condensed into an easy-to-digest and “pick whats right for you” format!

01 – Watercolor Paper

We’ll take a look at: why upgrading your paper is the #1 Way to Instantly Improve Your Watercolor Results, What type of paper you should be using, the difference between Hot, Cold and Rough Press paper, and what to look for in a good watercolor paper!

BONUS: Why choosing a QUALITY paper is the #1 way to instantly improve your watercolor results!

02 – Watercolor Brushes

We’ll talk about the two main types of brushes to choose from, some popular shapes and when to use them, plus a SUPER important note about sizing, and finally, go over a few brands that you might want to check out.

03 – Watercolor Paints

From tubes, to pans and liquids, you have a lot of choices. I thought it’d be helpful to distinguish which watercolor paint is best for you and go over a few brands that you might want to check out!

Watercolor Supply Guide for Artists at Every Stage of Their Journey!

Don’t forget to grab the FREE Watercolor Supply Guide below, too!

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