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You Need These 3 Tools to Digitize Your Watercolor Artwork!


September 9, 2019

You Need These 3 Tools to Digitize  Watercolor Artwork!

I remember when I first realized that my artwork could literally hop off the page, onto my computer screen and magically end up on things… like, whaaaat? My mind began to spin with all the things I’d love to create, but just as quickly I felt completely overwhelmed and a bit paralyzed with indecision. What I didn’t realize at the time was that before I could ever get around to actually getting my artwork on things, I’d have to first figure out how (duh, Ashley). I had no idea what tools to digitize watercolor I would need! And when I sat down to research it, I got a lot of conflicting advice. And honestly, a lot of it seemed over my head.

But, with a lot of persistence and plenty of wanting to give-up (I’m just keeping it real here, k?) I found a way that was reliable and made sense to me. I felt like this kind of secret knowledge needed to be shared! So, if you want in on it be sure to join me in my upcoming Free Workshop: “How to Digitize Artwork for Watercolor Artists & Designers” . I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of digitizing your artwork, the unlimited ways you can use it to make money, and how to get started.

Until then though, let’s take a “first things first” mentality. Before we can walk through the how to digitize, we’ve got to have what we need! So below, I’ve listed the three tools to digitize watercolor artwork that everyone needs. While there is a small start-up cost, it’s totally worthwhile. So without further ado, check out the list below!

3 Tools to Digitize Watercolor Artwork

1. Scanner
While you technically can take a photo of your finished painting and use that, the quality will not be as consistent, clear or uniform compared with using an actual scanner. There are a number of scanners that can get the job done, both on a budget, and at a higher price point.

(Total disclaimer: the scanner I use is actually part of this Multi-use “workstation” from Epson – it has all the capabilities of the V19, we just had purchased it before I ever got into digitizing my artwork!)

2. Computer or Laptop
It does help to have a computer or laptop that has a good graphics card and a fast processor, but it isn’t going to affect the quality of your final piece if you’re using an older computer. It may just take a bit longer for things to load, but thats ok!

3. Adobe Photoshop CC
The key to the entire process? Photoshop. And I know from the outset a new piece of software, especially one with so many strange looking controls, can be intimidating. But, I pinky-promise it’s not too difficult! Especially if you have someone walking you through what you need to know specifically for digitizing! A subscription to Photoshop will cost $20/month and you can cancel anytime, so if you need to use it for a brief period and pause your subscription, you can.
Optional: Adobe Illustrator CC subscription – With Adobe Illustrator you can do a lot of incredible design work and create more complex pieces with individual artwork elements, but it isn’t a necessity, especially if you’re just starting out. The link below from Adobe Creative Cloud is an affiliate link since I partner with and trust them for all my creative needs!

That’s it! Those are the three tools to digitize watercolor you’ll need to get started, and if you’d like a step-by-step walkthrough of the process from start to finish, be sure to sign up for my free workshop on September 19th, below!

Tools to Digitize Watercolor Art

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