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Don’t Fall for These Myths About Selling On Etsy


October 7, 2019

Don’t Fall for These Myths About Selling On Etsy

Don't fall for these myths about selling on etsy

The worldwide web is full of opinions – amiright? And there’s no shortage of opinions when it comes to selling on Etsy. However, by and large, most of the negative opinions out there fall short of the truth. While I don’t discount that some may have had a negative experience selling on Etsy, I do think that there are SO many things you can do to create a positive experience both for yourself and your customers. Since opening my Etsy shop, I’ve had over 700 sales and 100 5-star reviews. If I had believed the myths below, I would never have even given it a try. So today, I want to encourage you to avoid these myths as well. Read on to find out what they are!

Selling On Etsy – Myth #1: I don’t have the money to start a business on Etsy.

First of all, I totally understand this one on the surface. You want to start an online business to make money, not immediately shell out to start it. But guess what?! Aside from your costs of creating products and paintings, it literally costs nothing to start on Etsy. It’s risk-free. You can sign up with my link and get 20 free listings to start with, and once you’ve used those up, its only .20 cents to list an item, and Etsy takes 5% of the transaction. Y’all, that is a STEAL. They’re hosting your listing on the web, bringing in traffic through their marketplace, their shop tools and user interface are intuitive, customer privacy policies are in place, and Etsy is in charge of completing transactions and payments. There have been complaints in the past because Etsy used to charge only 3.5% as a transaction fee, but when you stack them up against other well-known online marketplaces (looking at you Amazon with 9% transaction fees), there is so much value in the platform, it’s crazy not to give them a try. 

Selling On Etsy – Myth #2: I’ll only make a handful of sales a month because there’s no way my listing will get found in the midst of thousands of others.

This myth is hands down one of the most vicious, simply because it stops you before you ever even get a chance to start. It’s self-sabotaging and accepting an excuse not to even try. Don’t let it get to you!

While yes, Etsy is an enormous online marketplace with plenty of competition, you can stand out amongst others and find success. Some of the key components of a successful listing that gets found are:

  • Effective use of Etsy SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization), a fancy way of saying your titles, descriptions and words in your listing information are what gets you found and there is a strategy to using them effectively!
  • Push traffic to your Etsy shop from other platforms like social media, Pinterest, guest blog posts or newsletters. Every time you bring traffic to your listing outside of Etsy, your SEO goes up!
  • Attractive images that grab your customer’s attention, and the good news is you don’t even have to take photos yourself. If you’re scanning and digitizing your artwork, you can use mockups to demonstrate what your artwork will look like on a product. 
  • Niching down and focusing on a unique need for your artwork, making sure you’re marketing to to your ideal customer

And the list doesn’t end there. If you follow a proven system, like the one I teach in my signature course, you can create successful, attention grabbing listings that convert browsers into buyers.

Selling On Etsy – Myth #3: I’m not tech-savvy enough to figure out how to run an online business through Etsy.

This one could not be further from the truth! I know, I know – learning ANOTHER new program and all the intricacies seems daunting on the surface. But friends, if I can do it, I promise you can too. Etsy is SUPER intuitive and setting up a shop is crazy-easy. The hardest part is just getting started. Figuring out what you want to sell, what your branding looks like, what niche you want to focus in on – it’s a lot. So, I’ve put together a free Starter Kit for Setting Up A Successful Etsy Shop as a Watercolor Artist and am linking to it here and below!

These three myths are just the tip of the iceberg; naturally, people have a lot of opinions and ideas all across the internet! But for every negative someone might give, there’s a positive. Etsy was the launching pad for my entire business. Had it not been for my Etsy store, I don’t think I ever would have gotten the courage to sell my artwork online, branch out into Live Wedding Painting or teaching others the joy of watercolor and entrepreneurship. It’s the perfect place to explore building a business that works for you without a lot of overhead or pressure. I’m still selling on Etsy regularly, and letting my shop evolve as my interests and ideas evolve, too!

Get the Etsy Shop Starter Kit below!

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