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The Ultimate Checklist: A Seasonal Etsy Shop Refresh

Productivity + Personal Development, Watercolor

January 14, 2020

Are You Keeping Your Art-Based Etsy Shop Up to Date with the Seasons? Check out this guide for artists on Etsy! - This Creative Nest

The Seasonal Etsy Shop Refresh

First impressions are everything, right?! If it’s been a while since you checked in on your shop’s initial appearance, don’t worry. It’s common to feel like you’re so busy working *in* your business, that there’s not much time to work *on* it! 

I know how important it is to save time and get things done quickly, so I’ve created a quick and easy checklist you can print out and keep handy to do a seasonal Etsy shop refresh in under a half hour! 

Seasonal promotions:

If Christmas (or any other holiday, really) came and went in a flash, you’re not alone! It seems like as soon as we’re done pushing through holiday orders, we’re bombarded with goal setting and planning for the next year. It all moves so quickly that it can be easy to forget to update your listings to reflect the seasons. 

Changing things up each season can be the best way to update your shop (think summer, fall, winter and spring) but holidays might call for specific updates, too.

Think back… Do you:

  • Have any copy (aka writing) in your listing descriptions that was specific to the recent holiday? Do you need to update it to reflect the new season or more non-holiday specific language?
  • Have any photos in your shop that were holiday themed? Now’s the time to update them to the new season, or switch back to your regular “anytime” listing images.
  • Have any season/holiday specific shop sections that should be updated? Make sure it’s easy for customers to navigate your shop
  • Have any seasonal items or best sellers for the new holiday that you want as featured listings? Make sure the first glance at your overall shop is up to date for your customers!

Shipping Settings and Profiles

This can be an easy one to overlook! I know that during the holidays, my turnaround times for custom artwork are extended and thus my shipping settings get changed. When I partner with Print-On-Demand companies to put my artwork and designs on actual products, they have holiday timelines that change and need to be updated in my own shipping settings, too! When the rush is over, it’s important to check in on your listing’s shipping settings and put them back to “normal”. 

Tip: It can be helpful to create a new Shipping Profile during the busy season that specifically says “Christmas Turnaround” or “Mothers Day Timeline” so that when the season is over, you can simply go back to your old “Standard Turnaround” Shipping Profile.

Using Shop Updates for a Seasonal Etsy Shop Refresh

This one may seem like a no-brainer, yet it’s an easy feature to forget to use (I’m guilty of it, too!). But if you’ve wrapped up your busy season and have new timelines, or maybe a new collection to debut for the following season, then the Etsy Shop Updates section is a perfect place to share that information! There’s also been some data to show that when we consistently add Shop Updates, it gives a boost to our SEO (granted, I’m not sure how official that research is or how true it is, but it definitely helps buyers know whats new in the shop!).

It’s important to note though, currently, the Etsy Shop Update feature is only accessible from the Mobile App version of Etsy. In order to post Shop Updates, you’ll have to do it from the mobile app. I hope that one day they’ll make it available on the desktop version, though!

Pro Tip: Download the handy, free Seasonal Etsy Shop Refresh Checklist that has all of this in a nifty checklist format! Then schedule time on your calendar for quarterly (or post-holiday, you know your own business the best!) updates with a link to the checklist (or an attachment of it) in the appointment! Using iCal or Google Calendar works great because you can set up a reminder, too. Automation is the key to productivity in business and staying on top of the smaller “on occasion” tasks that pop up!

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