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How to Sell Art Prints without Carrying Inventory, Packing or Shipping Anything!


March 17, 2020

How to Sell Art Prints without Carrying Inventory, Packing or Shipping Anything!

As an artist, you know that you only have two hands and a limited number of hours in a day. Between practicing a creative process, painting and running a business, there’s only so much you can do! Hopefully, by now you know that I am all about digitizing artwork and applying it to other products, but one of my favorite ways to do that is with art prints. So are you wondering how to sell art prints without carrying inventory, packing or shipping anything? If so, I’ve got you covered!

Before I started this art business full-time, it sort of felt there was a secret society of people who knew how to get their art on products and prints – and that it must be either costly, exclusive, or difficult. Turns out – none of that is true!

So today, I’m sharing with you how to do it yourself so you can scale your creative business, too.

How to Sell Art Prints (without carrying inventory or shipping a thing!)

How to Sell Art Prints without Carrying Inventory or Shipping - Print On Demand Art Prints

1 – Create Your Artwork

First things first, the obvious – create your original artwork. Whether you’re a mixed media artist, acrylic or watercolor artist, create your masterpiece that you want to reproduce. If you need help planning a collection or determining the direction of your online shop, be sure to check out my Etsy Shop Starter Kit. It’s so much more than just “how to start an Etsy shop” – it has tips for branding, planning, and strategizing for growth online as an artist!

2 – Scan and Digitize Your Artwork

Once you have your artwork in hand, you need to digitize it. This involves either scanning or photographing your artwork at high resolutions of at least 300dpi then editing it in Photoshop to clean it up and ensure it prints perfectly. I teach how to do all of this in my online course From Paint and Paper to Products and Profits, but I also handover the framework and teach a tech tutorial on digitizing for FREE inside of my 3 – Day Email Challenge!

3 – Upload to Your Print-on-Demand Partner

After you’ve digitized your work, it’s time to upload it to what’s called a ‘print-on-demand” partner. These companies allow you to submit your artwork to them, they print it on the substrate of your choice, and will ship it directly to your customer or client (most even offer the option for your branding on the package, meaning your customer will feel it personally came from you)! There are a lot of options out there, and none require you to pay a subscription to use their services. One of my favorites is Printed Mint, but I also love Printwswell and Gooten as well.  

4 – Your Printer Ships Directly to the Customer

Once you’ve submitted your order to the print-on-demand company, they’ll ship it directly to your customer. You never have to carry inventory, pack up orders, or ship it out yourself! However, if you do want to order in bulk and keep inventory, then ship orders as they come in – that’s always an option, too. Keep in mind that means you’ll be paying lower costs for printing, but sacrificing “convenience”. It’s up to you to decide what fits best for your business!

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