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Free Resources for Creatives During COVID

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April 6, 2020

Free Resources for Creatives During Covid-19: From home, to education business health and wellness - and everything in between!

One thing is for sure, community over competition is a real thing alive and well during the COVID crisis. There are so many free resources for creatives to turn to during COVID, from plans, ideas, printables, to free subscriptions, courses and special deals to help get through this time. I’ve pulled together some of the top ones I’ve seen lately that I think might especially be helpful for creatives! Check it out below. 

Feeling Kinda Stuck Inside and Need Things to Do?

  • The Society for Creative Founders put together this amazing free list of 100 (!) fun things to do at home – and there is literally something for every one and every mood, so no reason to say “I’m bored”!
  • Struggling with working from home? Rachel Hollis is the and if you’re new to working from home 100% of the time, then pop in your earbuds because this podcast episode is for you 
  • Whitney English – Free Annual Decluttering Printable + Workshop (plus lots of other free printables, but I’m finding this time at home to be a great time to declutter as we get ready for the arrival of our baby girl in June!) 

Want to focus on Health and Wellness?

  • EveryPlate – Because going out for groceries is risky business these days. We’ve tried a bunch of Meal Delivery services, and so far, EveryPlate has been our favorite. It’s the sister company of HelloFresh (which we also love!) but is half the price! Typically, I’d have an affiliate link to provide you with free meals or a discount, but due to the high demand they’ve currently closed that part of their program. Even without a special deal, it’s a great price and offer during these times!
  • Core Power Yoga – Offering free classes to stream anytime!
  • HeadSpace – One of the first meditation apps I ever used (and still a go-to!) 
  • Planet Fitness –  Now offering free in-home workouts every day at 7pm on Facebook Live. These streaming workouts last about 20 minutes.

Brush Up On Your Creative (or not!) Education 

  • Skillshare – The learning platform I teach on, full of educational resources from creative experts, business leaders and lifestyle gurus. It’s truly my favorite educational platform – get two free months for free! 
  • Audible – If you have kids (or you’re just a Harry Potter fan), Audible is offering free stories across 6 different languages for free while schools are closed. 
  • Your local library – Check to see what your local library is offering! Ours offered free access to their virtual online library which is basically a Kindle library of all the books! 
  • Coursera – Coursera Together: Free online learning during COVID-19
  • BluPrint Creative Care Package – Free unlimited access online until 4/16

Business Resources:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud–  Especially helpful for my artists and designers out there –  2 free months of Creative Cloud!
  • Loom – All the free plans on Loom now have zero recording limits! 
  • Etsy – Monthly Fee Extension. Yep, you heard that right. If March and April have been looking a little rough due to the sudden economic changes, Etsy wants you to have extra time to make any payments you might need to for fees and marketing. They’re providing a one month grace period to pay your outstanding balance. This means the amount due for your March 2020 activity will be deferred and included in the following month’s balance. If you’re enrolled in Autobilling, you won’t be charged ]until May 1, 2020. If you turn off Autobilling before then, you’ll need to make a manual payment by May 15, 2020. 

Have you heard of any other great free resources for creatives during COVID? I’d love to hear from you – sharing is caring, after all!

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