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One thing is for sure, community over competition is a real thing alive and well during the COVID crisis. There are so many free resources for creatives to turn to during COVID, from plans, ideas, printables, to free subscriptions, courses and special deals to help get through this time. I’ve pulled together some of the […]

National Relaxation Day

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Heads up friends – its national relaxation day! Yeah, that’s a thing! Who knew?! Between juggling a full time job, this creative side hustle, family and friends, travel, church activities and community/volunteer obligations, plus the laundry list of home chores that never ends, I know how crazy things can get and just how needed that […]

Gratitude Journal

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Lately, I’ve been adding a small “daily gratitude” practice to my daily routine. Everyone from scientists, psychologists, nutritionists, and wellness gurus across the web have been singing the praises of having a formal gratitude practice. If the idea of writing down your feelings sounds a little wishy washy, I promise there are so many benefits […]

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