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custom artwork

commissioning artwork shouldn't feel daunting, intimidating or risky. it's my guarantee that you'll love your final piece, and my unique streamlined process will feel like a breeze

the custom artwork process - how to get started!

* Please note, my current turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. This may be extended during the holidays. Please make a note at checkout if you have a specific timeline need.

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Over the following days we'll work together to craft your ideal portrait vision, and then I'll get to work!

It's my promise that you'll love your final piece. Through my unique client-focused process, we'll discuss your vision for your painting and make sure all the special pieces come together-

Have a photo depicting your wedding venue, but it's missing people that you wish could have been in that shot? Let's find a photo of them and I can add them in! Do you have a picture of your childhood home, and another of your childhood dog, but want them in the same painting? Not a problem. We can change the "season" that's depicted from summer to fall, or even the time of day from mid-day to a beautiful sunset! That's the beauty of custom artwork. Far beyond what Photoshop or computer programs can do, we can make the scene exactly what you'd like it to be.  

8x10: $175
9x12: $190
12x16: $205
16x20: $225

custom watercolor house portrait

This custom home painting will be hand-painted with archival quality watercolor to capture the charm of your home and it makes the perfect gift. Whether for a special family who is moving, attending a going away party, or as a gift to commemorate a special place in your life, this custom home portrait will look beautiful hanging up on your wall!

Keep in mind we can customize the landscaping, the sky, or any other details you'd like modified.

I can't wait to get started and work with you to create the perfect portrait exactly as you envision it! 

through my seamless process, it's my guarantee you will love your final piece

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8x10: $175
9x12: $190
12x16: $205
16x20: $225

custom watercolor venue painting

A hand painted watercolor wedding venue painting can capture the charm of your special day and makes a wonderful gift! We can incorporate your wedding flowers, special landscaping, or a lovely sunset if you'd like, too.

Whether for a wedding gift, the traditional First Anniversary "paper" gift, or just because, this watercolor wedding venue illustration will look beautiful framed and displayed in your home. It's a special heirloom you'll cherish from the most important day of your life!

I can't wait to get started and work with you to create the perfect gift!

through my seamless process, it's my guarantee you will love your final piece

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8x10: $190
9x12: $205
12x16: $220
16x20: $240

custom watercolor wedding painting

I'd be thrilled to work with you on a hand-painted, romantic and whimsical watercolor painting to capture a beautiful moment from the big day. Whether it's  a wedding gift, anniversary gift, or just because, this painting will look beautiful framed and displayed anywhere. I look forward to working with you to create this special heirloom to cherish from the most important day of a couple's life!

We can personalize and customize the portrait however you'd like - whether it's adding certain family members (even the fluffy kind with fur!) or including details from all throughout the day into one scene, we can work together to make it happen. 

through my seamless process, it's my guarantee you will love your final piece

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8x10: $150
9x12: $165
12x16: $180
16x20: $200

custom wedding bouquet painting

My husband and I spent such a large part of our wedding budget on the perfect flowers for our big day. Their delightful aroma and whimsical beauty were an important part of our day and we never once regretted it. However, after our perfect day had came and went, I was left with a bouquet to dry out and a few small centerpieces I wanted to preserve. Unfortunately, flower preservation can only keep a fading hint of color and beauty. I desperately wanted to find a way to keep those flowers’ beauty in my everyday life, giving joy and sweet memories. With that, the seed was planted to create a watercolor portrait that I could adorn my walls with and enjoy every single day. Full of color, whimsy and beauty, a watercolor painting was the perfect way to capture their beauty and enjoy them to this day. 

through my seamless process, it's my guarantee you will love your final piece

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8x10: $175
9x12: $190
12x16: $205
16x20: $225

Custom Honeymoon Watercolor Portrait and travel keepsake

You have cherished memories and pictures of your special vacation,  moments you want communicated and shared in a special way. With my seamless and simple process, you can share your vision with ease and rest assured that you’ll receive the perfect final piece.

I can incorporate multiple elements of your trip into one portrait - perhaps a favorite meal, on a favorite beach. Or a fun convertible rental down a highway, with a sunset you know you won't forget. I'd love to work with you to create a travel keepsake and memento you'll cherish for years to come. 

through my seamless process, it's my guarantee you will love your final piece

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product features

every portrait includes

the following features

endless revisions

It's my guarantee that you'll love your final piece - I won't limit the number of revisions you need. But I will note, generally, my clients find they don't even need revisions because of our communication process!

professional framing service options

I've partnered with Framebridge to bring you easy, effortless professional framing services at an affordable price. When you go through the checkout process, you'll see an option to add framing to your portrait along with the pricing and finishing selections they offer.

free shipping

Your portrait will be thoughtfully and lovingly packaged, and delivered straight to your door step!

archival quality materials 

Your portrait will be completed on the finest archival quality watercolor paper available - Arches Cotton Rag Cold Press paper. With a beautiful textured heavyweight paper and Winsor and Newton fine paint pigments, your final portrait will be UV-safe and lightfast for generations to come.

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you don't have to take my word for it - here's what past clients have said about working with me!

Words cannot describe the way I feel about my paintings.

I had two paintings done of both my grandmother and my husband's grandmother's house. While both of their houses are still standing in the same structure, the asthetics are completely different. I gave as much description as I could and provided very few small background photos of the homes. I will be honest in saying, I wasnt sure how much she would be able to replicate them going on the little information I was able to provide.

But let me tell you, when I opened the box and saw my grandmother's home staring back at me, I was moved to tears. I was brought back to many beautiful childhood memories of being held by grandmother's love.

I recommend this to anyone who has a home and memories in it they want to remember forever.

ashlee m

... Easy to work with and the painting was perfect! Given as a housewarming gift. Quick turnaround for a highly customized product.

Jayme j

Absolute pleasure to work with! It was so easy to express what we wanted through messages and she understood right away! We are so proud of our new renovations and this illustration has us beaming with pride! We cannot wait to show this off!! Thanks a million for your hard work - you are so talented!!!!

michelle b

My home portrait turned out better than imagined. It was the perfect Christmas gift for my parents, who are moving out of our family home after 21 years. They absolutely loved it. Ashley was such a pleasure to work with. She kept in constant communication on the status, shared a proof and then shared the finished product asking for feedback prior to shipping. I received the painting quickly after ordering it. I highly recommend working with her and ordering from her shop!

cara w


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