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Perfecting your big day’s timeline, showcasing all the precious details you've worked so hard on, and not to mention keeping guests entertained, can be tough!

And when it’s all over, hundreds of photos of the day's memories pile up hidden in boxes collecting dust.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have one simple way solve all of that?  To display all the memories that matter most to you throughout the entire day in one meaningful heirloom?

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with a live wedding painting, you can.

why choose a live wedding painting with me:

the wonderful details that make this service so unique!

As a Live Wedding Painter, I want to make your big day easy and provide a unique element that many guests have never seen before.  And afterward, you'll have a piece of original artwork that was created during the very moment it portrays.

01. your day will stand out [and be remembered!]

Entertain your guests during cocktail hour by letting them watch a painting of your ceremony unfold. Guests who might not want to cut a rug at the reception will love to chat while watching your First Dance come alive with each brushstroke.

02. entertain your guests

Commissioning artwork should never feel overwhelming! I make the entire process simple, approachable and understandable. We can tweak any package to make it perfect for you!  And at the end of your celebration, you’ll have a piece of artwork your family will treasure for years to come. 

04. a simple process

My client's favorite part of a Live Wedding Painting with me is my ability to showcase every detail that matters to them in one piece. From artfully incorporating their ring-bearing pup from the ceremony, the cake in the corner, the lounge area from cocktail hour, to the picture=perfect sunset illuminating the windows behind their first dance; finding a way to include all of the details that makes your unique day and love story shine is my favorite part of a live wedding painting! No Photoshop techniques can do all that! 

03. capture everything 
that matters in one picture

you don't have to take my word for it - here's what past clients have said about working with me!

Ashley is a DREAM! For my best friends wedding the bridesmaids got together to gift out of the box (aka off registry) and found Ashley to live paint two moments in their day. It was the best, not only was the process of working with her before hand easy as pie, or was SO COOL seeing guests, the couple, and our friends “ooooh” and “aaaah” on wedding day. I can’t wait to see the final product!

If you have any doubts about hiring Ashley; let me tell you, she will deliver everything you could hope and 10000x more.

ali m

We were so glad we booked This Creative Nest to do a live painting at our wedding reception this summer! Can't recommend her enough!!

It was easy to book and she was easy to communicate with throughout the whole process! It's such a great way to add something extra your reception! Added experience to the event and a tangible memory to have in your home, how perfect. Ashley did a great job portraying our night, and we are so happy to have this piece of art in our home forever!

sarah d

You are so talented. I love the piece you created for Lauren and Lucas!

You did such a beautiful job. The painting is such a treasure. 

jodi m

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it all starts by simply saying hello!

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01.fill me in on your details & get info from me

I offer a variety of packages to suit a variety of needs! After reviewing the details and making your pick, simply provide a 50% deposit to secure your date with me.  

02. pick your package and book your date

After you've booked your date, you'll have access to a special client portal where you can fill out a questionnaire that will help us plan out your perfect portrait. From the wedding colors and theme to the amazing people in your wedding party, we'll dig into the details that make your day special and your custom painting incredibly unique! A few weeks before your big day, we'll have a virtual coffee date where we can chat and go over all your questions and craft your perfect painting. 

03. tell me about your special day!

It's time for the wedding bells to ring - and for me to capture your perfect day with water and pigment. I'll be onsite for 5-6 hours sketching out the scene, filling in the details, and letting your guests watch the painting come to life! 

04. it's time to celebrate!

At the end of the party, you won't need to worry about carefully transporting your painting or smudging wet paint!

Instead, I'll take the portrait back to my studio where I will polish it to perfection, adding final details, shadows and highlights that make your painting POP! you'll have a chance to provide feedback and guarantee you have everything you want in your portrait!

While some wedding artists focus on speed and leave the portrait with you at the end of the night, I truly strive to make your painting museum-quality ready. The final piece will be lovingly packaged and delivered to your doorstep within two weeks. 

05. a standard of perfection

the live painting experience
investment details

12×16″ watercolor painting created with archival, museum-quality materials, ensuring an heirloom that will last for generations

5-6 hours of live, on-site painting, capturing the very moment as it happens, to be preserved for all time

The majority of your painting created live at the wedding so that you and your guests can enjoy seeing the painting come to life

The final painting with beautiful, thoughtful details, carefully packaged + delivered within two weeks

A new wedding bestie who’s SO excited for you two, and happy to help with any questions you have about incorporating artwork into your big day and the wedding planning process overall! 

so, let's get started!

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