i see you there, dreaming of escaping the 9-5 drudgery and building a life you love around the watercolor art that brings you joy.

I see you there, because I’ve been there, too. Creating art is such a source of joy and fulfillment - so why wouldn’t you want to build a business around a life-giving hobby? Well, maybe...

→ You’re wondering if you have what it takes or if your skills are up-to-par.
→ You aren’t sure you have the business “know-how” to make this thing work, not to mention the time it’s probably going to take
→ And even if you had all this knowledge, you want to know that your efforts are genuinely going to lead to fruitful results.


Because building a business, especially around art and that whole “starving-artist” stigma, seems a bit risky.


your complete step-by-step roadmap to a successful online watercolor business

watercolor artist's etsy roadmap:
From paint + paper to products + profit



this is for you!

from paint and paper to products and profit

the course

The Watercolor Artist’s Etsy Blueprint Bundle is your step-by-step roadmap to moving from paint and paper to products and profits.

Four different modules make up this comprehensive blueprint that will make you confident in your watercolor creations through focused tutorials, teach you to digitize your artwork and create patterns and designs in Adobe programs with ease, hold your hand through tech tutorials that show you how to build a strategic foundation for your Etsy shop, and give you the exact formulas and plans to market and maintain growth with your shop. Wherever you are in your watercolor biz journey, this blueprint is designed to meet you there and guide you to success.

Starting at the very beginning, you’ll paint along with me to gain confidence in your watercolor skills and ensure you’ve got the basics mastered - from loose and realistic florals, to painting white objects, working with shadows and highlights to build depth and even moving to more complicated details like landscapes and architecture.

Afterward, you’ll get a complete overview of how to scan and digitize your artwork, format it for use with my preferred Print-On-Demand wholesale printers who will print your artwork on almost anything you can imagine so you can resell it in your shop to your customer in a variety of formats! I’ll also show you to create unique patterns and designs that can also be translated to physical goods. It might sound a bit tech-y and overhwelming at first, but I guarantee that by the end of the module you’ll have the tools, skills and checklists you need to confidently tackle the printing process.

Then, we’ll walk through the step-by-step process of laying a foundation for your online Etsy shop before you ever even open up the doors. Getting the foundation of your business, including your niche and branding, is key to a successful longterm business plan.

Finally, I’ll hand over my tools, tips and tricks for successfully managing your Etsy shop and marketing it to maintain consistent growth. From social media guides, to email marketing and SEO, I’ve got you covered. You’ll finish the course with a solid plan in place that you can follow to the tee moving forward. Not only that, you’ll have access to me in our private online community, monthly Q&A sessions and 24/7 support so you’ll never have to go-it-alone.

the doors are open this week only!

Ashley is a full-time watercolor artists who took her favorite hobby and turned it into a business that supports a life she loves.

She fully believes that every one is capable of creating beautiful artwork and that, with practice and perseverance, anyone can design a life and business that gives them the freedom, flexibility and fulfilment they desire.

Ashley runs an Etsy shop, takes custom commissions, creates works of art live-in-person as a Live Wedding Painter, and teaches the joy of watercolor both online and in-person through Skillshare and SkillPop workshops.

With a background in communication, outreach, design and education, she brings a unique take on online education to the digital learning world and is excited to share the joy of watercolor and freedom of entrepreneurship with others!

ashley triggiano

watercolor artist
creative business owner + educator

meet the teacher!


Keep reading for all the details!



Doors to the course re-open in May 2020 and you'll have lifetime access!


Anywhere you can connect with internet. (yep, yogapants and your favorite hot beverage are more than welcome in this class!)

who's invited?

Who's invited to the party?!
Watercolor artists who....

... are ready to build a business that fits their unique lifestyle and needs (whether a part-time side hustle or a full-time lifestyle, this program works for either path!)

... may have already tried to start a business, but are hitting a roadblock when it comes to scaling and growing their business. They’re ready to stop trading time for money. (there’s only so many hand-painted originals a girl can make, right?!)

...  are frustrated with their current Etsy shop, unsure if their shop is even profitable or technically legal, and burnt out from reading Etsy “success-tips” that aren’t tailored to their unique watercolor niche (being an artist on Etsy is a unique path friend, but totally doable!)

inside of module 1:

1.1 - Mindset Shifts
Changing your mindset from “I’m not good enough” to “I can create anything” is essential to planning a confident, consistent watercolor practice. I’ll walk you through the 3 C's Mindset Shift: Creating Consistently & Confidently

1.2 - Mastering the Basics: 6 Techniques to Perfect
Together, we’ll make sure a foundational understanding of watercolor is in place, plus the essential skills and techniques are familiar and doable.

1.3 - Florals and Greenery
You’ll feel confident in creating realistic and loose florals, even in painting white florals and objects (which we all know can be tough in watercolor!)

1.4 - Figures and Objects
You’ll master the art of shadows and highlights in order to create better “form” for your subjects.

1.5 - Landscapes and Buildings
You’ll have a basic understanding of perspective and how to work with proportions to create believable buildings, cityscapes and landscapes.

have a look inside..

maintaining momentum
FOUNDATIONS FIRST for confident creations
explore the other modules......

enrollment is open this week only - enroll now for $299!

inside of module 2:

2.1 - Tool time: The necessities
 I’ll walk you through the absolute essentials for digitizing your artwork, plus share a few recommendations for tools and products to use.

2.2 - Scanning and Digitizing Walkthrough
You’ll learn key basic terminology and have a working understanding of Photoshop basics to clean up and digitize your artwork in three different ways. We’ll work on an actual family crest design containing multiple elements and learn how to properly digitize them.

2.3 - Exporting and Saving Files Correctly
You’ll understand what DPI and PPI is, file type differences, what print specifications to look for when you’re printing different items, and how to save and send files to a print company.

2.4 - Repurposing Elements, Designing and Preparing for Print
You’ll master the basics of Adobe Illustrator and how to use the digitized artwork elements from lesson two create a variety of designs and applications.

maintaining momentum
FOUNDATIONS FIRST for confident creations
explore the other modules......
inside of module 3:

3.1 - Your Selling Spark: Planning Your Shop Type & Niche
You’ll decide if commissions or premade stand-off items are best for you, or if somewhere in the middle with personalization is best You’ll also identify your Selling Spark and use it to create an online shop that brings you joy and speaks directly to your ideal customer, making them eager to buy what you’re selling!

3.2 - Setting Up Shop: Walkthrough Tech Tutorial
I’ll walk you through a step-by-step tech tutorial displaying every part of opening your Etsy shop, plus you’ll get free listing credits to start your shop - meaning there’s absolutely no risk or cost to getting started!

3.3 - Pricing for Profit: How to Set Prices that Work in Print-On-Demand Partnerships

3.4 - Mastering the Logic of the Listing: Titles, Description and *SEO* Gamechangers to ensure your product gets found and SELLS!
You’ll learn how the words you use in your product description affect how customers find you, and how to increase your traffic and engagement on auto-pilot. I’ll also share tips and tricks for tools to make this super simple.

3.5 Mastering the Art of the Listing: Mockups, images and copywriting that entices
You’ll feel confident in your ability to create digital mockups of products with your artwork on them for product listings (meaning you won’t need to hold a physical inventory or take photos of every product you want to create!), and leave customers eager to get their hands on the real deal.

* BONUS * Taking Commissions on Etsy: A Foolproof Model for Success
You’ll create a comprehensive but doable marketing strategy and content calendar you can use to continue growing over the long haul! 

inside of module 4:

4.1 - Cha-Ching: Your First Sale and What’s Next
Celebrate your first sale, upload the order to your Print-On-Demand partner and delight your customer with amazing customer service, fast shipping and pretty packaging.

4.2 - Keeping it Legit: Bookkeeping and Taxes
Know how to stay legit with your state, while also tracking profit and progress.

* BONUS * Marketing Mini-Masterclass
You’ll create a comprehensive but doable marketing strategy and content calendar you can use to continue growing over the long haul!

Explore the other modules....
maintaining momentum
FOUNDATIONS FIRST for confident creations
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“This sounds great, but I’ve got questions!”

Keep reading, We’ve got answers!

i'm ready

to guarantee your jumpstart to success

I’m well aware that all of this probably sounds aaaa-mazing, but you’re wondering if it’s a worthwhile investment or if it can really work for you (I 100% get it! It is a big investment!) But with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a step-by-step plan that anyone can follow, there’s essentially no risk! (Harkening back to school days - you show me your homework and no results, and I’ll hand you back your investment, no questions asked)

I’ve been in your seat (and often find myself there still) with an amazing course offering in front of me, but fear of handing over my hard-earned cash for something I don’t get immediate results for. Thanks a lot, Amazon Prime. But in fact, I’ve spent over $10,000 in my business on educational courses and tools and I can tell you one thing for sure - I’ve never regretted a single penny. As long as you show up, are willing to put in the work, and trust the process - online learning opportunities are where it’s at. Especially when you consider the amount you’d spend in a traditional learning setting where one semester can be upwards of $10K.

Online education isn't some short-lived fad or trend. Far from it. It's the way that learning has evolved, from university curriculum to Skillshare or Udemy… and yep, all the way to that YouTube tutorial you just bookmarked. It makes the entire learning process so much more affordable and accessible to all, and that's something I can stand behind.

90-day money back guarantee if you don't see results

what to expect

4 Online Modules

In an easy, interactive learning space!

You’ll have lifetime access to all of the course content in our private learning space. They’re a step-by-step framework you can follow at your own pace, any time - the lessons are yours forever, and any future content upgrades will be automatically added (for free!)

Clear Instructional Videos

Every lesson has a clear and informative video!

Clearly formatted videos mean you can watch any time that’s convenient for you, and you can even pop in your earbuds and simply listen if you prefer podcast style learning (with the exception of the first module where you’ll want to watch in order to learn the watercolor techniques I teach and any tech-tutorials you’d like to follow along with!)

Worksheets, Templates, Swipe Files and Guides

To save you SO much time!

Each lesson will be expanded upon inside of the worksheets, templates and guides that are offered alongside it. I’ll be handing over templates with done-for-you emails, listing descriptions, and more - saving you so much valuable time!

what's included

10+ Watercolor Technique Tutorials & Lessons

Watch and learn as I share everything I know - helping you master the basics of watercolor.

Complete Customer
Support and Service

You'll never be alone and I'm always here to help!.

Worksheets, Templates and Done-for-you Swipe Files

Dive deeper, get faster results and gain insight with complete clarity.

The Full Project Planner

Stay on track with the entire program and make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Private Online Community

Continuous 24/7 support from a like-minded community of students

Monthly Q&A Sessions

Think of this as “office hours” with the teacher - for personalized feedback and growth

i'm ready to

short on time? i get it!

Between work, classes, family, kids - I know its a hectic world we live in and there are 10,000 other things vying for your attention. And while I am not going to lie and say that this is the path to overnight success or millions in the bank tomorrow, I do promise that if you can carve out small chunks of time to dedicate to yourself and your dreams, you will see steady and significant results.

Between monthly live Q&A office hours, a community to share and grow with, and my step-by-step roadmap to follow, we’ll make it manageable and actionable.

The thing is, if you don’t make time for yourself and your passions, you'll be in the same position a year from now. There's a popular Chinese proverb that says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” My business started off as a small side hobby that was built upon small chunks of time that added up to make a monumental difference. I've distilled that process into this Roadmap, taking out everything you don't need, and getting you results with the things that you do.

I need this. let me in!


over $2,700 worth of educational content for                      

 Video Tutorials: Mastering watercolor techniques and creating with confidence ($349 value)

The comprehensive guide through your first sale, customer service, order fulfillment and longterm growth throughout Module 4: Maintaining Momentum. Even with the course "over", you'll be on a springboard for continued growth and success. ($349 Value)

BONUS Marketing Mini-Masterclass - 5 Free Ways to Effectively Start Marketing Your Etsy Shop  ($197 Value)

A complete walk-through of setting up your shop for success and ensuring sales inside your Etsy shop in Module 3, full of worksheets, guides and resources designed to let you hit the ground running. ($197 Value)

BONUS Masterclass: Taking Commissions on Etsy - A Foolproof Model for Success ($197 Value)

Monthly Group Coaching Calls with me for Live Q&A plus a private community you can grow with and get feedback from any time ($960 value)



The Full Watercolor Digitizing Workshop complete with tech tutorials and cheat sheets for creating repeating patterns, unique designs and invitations ($297 value)













less than $380


enroll now at this special price
until 5/15 at 12:01 am est!

q1 >

The course doors will re-open in May 2020!  

02. how long is the course?

This self-paced course is comprised of FOUR modules, each with varying numbers of lessons within. While some students may be "weekend warriors" and devour content like a good Netflix binge, others might want to take it a bit slower and in small chunks. There is no wrong way to complete the course, and with a few hours per week, it should be completed in around 12 weeks (3 months).

03. is the content applicable only to watercolor artists?

This course is created specifically for and caters to watercolor artists. Module 1 is solely comprised of watercolor tutorials and techniques and Module 2 is designed to teach watercolor artists how to digitize their artwork within the unique context of watercolor paper. However, Modules 3 and 4 are more broad and can be applicable to visual media artists of all types.

04. do you offer a money-back guarantee or refund policy?

I offer a 90-day money back guarantee. That's three whole months to get into the program and make progress with your online watercolor business through Etsy. I'm confident that within that time, you'll see results. In fact, if you don't see results, simply email and "show your homework" (it's kinda like grade-school, right?) to prove that you've worked through the program and put in the effort, and you'll be refunded every penny.

05. when can i access the course materials?

As soon as you enroll, you'll have access and will be able to get started!


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Wondering if this is the right fit? Have a few more questions for me?

Email me!

I'm happy to help and talk more about how this program can work for you!